Allstate American Waterproofing


Dear Allstate Waterproofing,

Well it is a real pleasure to write this review, we have had several contractors at our home, but never have we had such a polite and professional crew as we did with your team from Allstate. Let me just start from the beginning, Your salesman Barry Hartman came to our home,(when he said he would) he was great, very professional , you would never know he was a salesman, really knew what he was talking about, not pushy at all, everything he told us was DONE.

Not like most salesman when the sale is done, they are done with you, Barry called and stayed in touch through the whole job, from beginning to the end. He went way above what was expected of him. And then the team came (when they said they would) and it was a real pleasure, meeting Mike, Jim, Ryan, and Daniel, they were VERY polite and professional also, did a wonderful job and was very neat, when they were done you didn’t even know they were here, it was great, and we know Barry said it would be 28 days be fore the smell and dampness would be gone ,but we already notice a big difference , and we are very, very pleased with the job your company did.

I already had a couple of neighbors ask about your company, and we highly recommended you guys. We just hope you realize how lucky you are to have people of that quality working for you, that type of a team is hard to come by these days.

Very satisfied customers
John and Debe
Wheyfield Dr.
Frederick, Md

You get an A+++++ rating from us

Dear Mr. Warren,

In response to my request for an appraisal and solution to the water problem incurred at my residence, you responded immediately. You checked the outside and then the inside. Without any hesitancy, the next two hours was spent informing me what the problem was and extending me the options available.

After making my choice, a date and time was selected for the work. The workers arrived at the designated time and for the better part of a day they worked. They answered any and all questions extended to them. I have never seen a group of workers doing the type of work that contained debris, water, mud, etc., use such measure to prohibit tracking and added water damage. They were truly professionals in every sense of the word.

I salute your entire force for a job well done. Allstate American is highly recommended to all who have need of your service. Again Thank You for a job well done!

Walter - PA

Dear Mr. Wilhelm,

I just want you to know that I would highly recommend your company to any one who ask for help with a water problem in their basement. You truly have an outstanding and knowledgeable representative in Mr. Mitch Owen. I was quite worried that I was in trouble with my basement. But because you have a man who is highly honest and professional in Mr. Owen, my fears and worries were dispelled. He told me what to do and if I ran into any problems, I could call your company back. Had I contacted another company which did not have the same honesty, I could not only have had my fears come true, but I could have ended up in debt.

I praise Mr. Owen for his integrity and to tell you that he is a true asset to your company.

Wayne Barry - Baltimore, MD

Dear Mr. Clark,

I can't tell you how much I appreciate my new dry basement. It's just like a new addition to our living space.

In past years when it rained we would spend hours cleaning up the mess. Now we have no problems - none. The last rainfall we got over an inch of rain and none of it got into our basement. Praise God.

I would also like to commend your crew who came to our home. What hard workers they are and also very neat.

I will have no problem recommending you and your fine staff.

Renee - College Park, MD

Dear Allstate American Waterproofing,

As a former teacher I have firmly believed that when someone does something very well, he or she deserves praise and recognition. Such is the case for Allstate American.

This year in early spring, I was faced with the problem of a very leaky basement in my 75+ year old home. I had noticed Allstate Americans ad in our local paper and knowing nothing about them, I called their toll-free number. That was one of the luckiest things I ever did. They sent someone to inspect the basement, explained to me what needed to be done, and shortly thereafter sent excellent men to correct my problem. I can truthfully say this was the best money I ever spent. I can wholeheartedly recommend Allstate to anyone with a basement problem, and I thank them for their good work and concern for me.

Martha - Delmar, DE

Dear Allstate American,

Earlier this month, you installed a sump pump in our basement. We haven't had much rain to test it's effectiveness yet, but I wanted to thank you for the great job your guys did. Your team, led by Wes, was very polite and conscientious and we really appreciated the careful clean up job they did after the work was done.

Jeff - Fairfax, VA

Dear Sirs,

We would like to thank you for the excellent work done by your employee Kenny Jenkins. An estimate was given one week and work was started and completed the following week as promised. This was very fortunate on our part as we had about 4 inches of rain the following Monday and no water in our basement.

Mr. Jenkins came one afternoon and prepared the basement, working alone. He returned the following day and proceeded to complete a very hard day of carrying out buckets of cement, hauling stone, mixing cement and totally completing a very excellent job alone! We would just like the company to recognize the fact that Mr. Jenkins is a very hard worker and very pleasant and a professional worker.

Thank you again for your services and we are thankful with this wet spring that you were able to complete our basement so quickly. Thanks also to Mr. Jenkins and all of his help and excellent hard work. Everything was left just the way he found them and we thank him for all of his extra help he gave us.

Gail and Larry - Chesapeake City, MD

Dear Mr. Clark,

This is a note of appreciation to Allstate American and in particular your two very hard working employees, John and Rick. As I suppose they have informed you, the cement in my basement has been both thick and hard. These two young men have hammered, strained and worked for the past three days. I have been amazed how hard their work has been, yet they have kept to the job and never complained.

I will be happy to provide recommendation after the work is finished that you can use to show others.

James - Thurmont, MD

Dear Mr. Hudson,

Last July you installed a floor system and sump pump system in my home. It all laid quietly until yesterday, when I checked out some unfamiliar noises in the basement. Sure enough, it was the pump working away and the check valve closing as they were supposed to.

My basement remained completely dry. There is no doubt in my mind that your installation saved me from a few tedious hours with the mop and bucket and I am indeed grateful. I timed it's operation and it ran for five or six seconds every two minutes for as long as I checked it. I assume that this is within the range for normal operation.

It's a real satisfaction to know that your system works as intended.

Walter - Washington, DC

Dear Gentlemen,

A little over a year ago your company waterproofed our basement and we have been very pleased with the results. I also want to mention how polite and efficient "Drew" and his work crew were. They performed their duties in a superior manner. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone needing your services.

William - Rockville, MD


I had a sump pump installed on October 16, 1999 in my home in Germantown, Maryland. The installation was in a finished bathroom which meant removing a toilet, flooring, drywall and trim. It also meant avoiding waste lines from the shower and upstairs bathroom while cutting into the concrete foundation. I was dreading the "operation".

When the actual installation began, my fears were put to rest. The two men you sent to do my work were professional, pleasant, efficient and did a completely wonderful job! They not only performed the work as needed, but were able to change the positioning of the pump from the proposed site when I realized that it would have, in fact, hit a waste line! They also cleaned up after themselves and left the room looking pristine - removing the waste materials I had generated in preparing for them as well as the materials they generated while working.

The entire experience was a very positive one and I want to applaud your personnel and thank them and your company for making the installation as pleasant as possible. Thanks again for a wonderful job.

Faith - Germantown, MD

Dear Sirs,

Enclosed is my check for $ 363, the final payment for the work which was recently completed at the above address. My wife and I were very pleased with the politeness and professionalism of Shirley and Jim Bennett and their assistant, Jim. The work was begun on time (despite a 4" snow storm) and finished when they had promised. Care was taken with protecting the stacked up furniture, rugs and paintings. They left the work area as clean as could be expected both inside and outside.

Your company's life-time guarantee gives us peace of mind. Mr. McDonald's careful explanation of what was involved in installing the sump pump, etc. was appreciated. We will be (as were the 5 references with whom I spoke) happy to be a reference and will recommend Allstate American.

Grant - Washington, DC

Dear Sirs,

We wish to express our appreciation for the waterproofing services provided by your company. Your employees were professional and courteous. We would like to thank you all for a job well done.

It was such a delight to work with Mr. Vincent McDonald after having inspectors from other companies in our home. Mr. McDonald was very pleasant, explained the work in a clear and concise manner, and fully answered all of our work questions. He tailored his presentation when he found that we had already learned about the different methods of waterproofing basements. This saved us time and energy. He did not use high pressure tactics to convince us to hire your company. Unlike an inspector from another firm, he noticed the problem with our window wells and offered a solution. In addition, Mr. McDonald spent time explaining how we could prepare the basement for the work. We really cannot say enough about how happy we are to have worked with him.

Once we signed the contract, the company promptly scheduled the project. The work began on time and was completed efficiently. The work areas, both inside and outside the house, were kept neat during the process and were thoroughly cleaned-up afterwards. We are pleased with the way the system looks and even more pleased with the way it works. We would like to thank Mike Niedzwiecki, the foreman, for his excellent work.

It seems like it has rained every day since the work was completed, although this is a slight exaggeration, it is no exaggeration to say that we have had no signs of water leakage in the basement even after the heaviest of rains. We are delighted with the results and would highly recommend your company to anyone seeking a solution to a leaking basement.

Please us this letter as a reference. Thanks You for your assistance.

Katherine - Frederick, MD

Dear Sirs,

Your Senior Commercial Inspector, Vince McDonald, came to our house last week to check on a persistent moisture problem in our basement wall. After reviewing the situation, he suggested that we didn't have an external water seepage problem but in fact that we had a broken drain in our laundry room. He recommended that we contact a plumber immediately as he believed there was erosion under our garage floor.

We called a plumber and they found a disconnected drain under our laundry room floor which apparently had been disconnected for a long time. The water eroded half of the area under our garage floor creating a cavern 2-3 feet deep the length of the garage. The plumber fixed the drain and we are presently having half of the garage floor replaced.

Mr. McDonald correctly and accurately diagnosed our problem and we want to compliment him. He was very courteous, thorough and honest in his evaluation. Please extend our thanks to him. You have a very competent man in Mr. McDonald.

Graydon - Alexandria, VA

Dear Mr. Spitzer,

I was most impressed with Wesley and the rest of the crew who worked here recently. They were polite, efficient and did their utmost to minimize the dust and dirt which naturally occur with such a project. They even mopped up the basement floor tiles when the work was finished! After seeing your company on the job I would not hesitate to recommend Allstate American to others.

Thomas - Sykesville, MD

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you in regards to a job well done. I am referring to the job just completed at my residence here in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

My wife and I are so impressed with the performance and professional way this entire job was done, from start to finish. They cleaned up everything when they were done. This to me was very impressive indeed. We would highly recommend this company to anyone needing this service.

The Gentleman's name was Ken, he and the man working with him were hard working and dedicated to do a good job. In closing, we again would like to say a high recommendation is extended to Allstate American and the men doing this work for us.

Edward - Glen Burnie, MD

Dear Sir,

Thank You ! The job your company did to repair the water leak in our basement could not have gone better. Your inspector identified the problem and very patiently explained not only the problem but how it could be repaired. We had had two other estimates but in keeping with you best price guarantee you gave us not only the best price but also the most thorough inspection.

On the day the job was scheduled, your crew arrived promptly at 7:30 a.m. to begin the work. Nick the foreman explained what they would be doing and asked if we had any questions before starting. Then they began. Those men worked from morning until 5:30 non-stop, no one could ask for a better group of people to work in their home.

The proof of the pudding came over the weekend. It rained over two inches, a condition which in the past would have caused our basement to flood. We got no leakage at all. Again we want to thank your entire staff for everything. If you ever need a reference in this area please don't hesitate to call us.

Annie - Washington, DC