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Our Waterproofing Service

Allstate American Basement Waterproofing has provided quality Basement Waterproofing service to thousands of satisfied customers for over 25 years. Basement Flooding ? Leaky Basement ? Wet Damp Walls ? Our approach for 100% customer satisfaction is honest, considerate and guaranteed service, your basement repairs are Warranted for Life and is transferred to all future owners. We provide basement waterproofing services in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Allstate American Basement Waterproofing is a full service company, we handle problems ranging from repairing flooded leaky basements, cracks in basement walls and floors to rebuilding entire leaking basements.

Wet, Flooded, Leaky Basements are a real problem, costing Homeowners and Business owners thousands of dollars in property damage as well as the many health problems caused by wet, damp basements that are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. Allstate American Basement Waterproofing handles all of you basement waterproofing needs, flooded leaky basements and wet, damp floors will be completely repaired and will last for the life of your home. The quality basement waterproofing repairs that we provide have earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in MD & PA.

Basement Waterproofing issues only get worse with time, when your basement leaks or floods – call our toll free number for help: 800-426-7783 or simply complete our Information Request Form and we will contact you promptly. We have references you can call from customers in Maryland and Pennsylvania.


Warning Signs

Mildew, Mold or Fungus on walls, clothing, floors, furniture
White powder substance or Rust on walls or floors
Unpleasant Odors from basement
Fading or Discoloration on walls, floors, clothing or furniture
Upper Respiratory or Allergy problems
Damp walls,floors or clothing
Cracks in walls or floors
Spotting on walls
Walls are bowing or “wavy”
Structural or Electrical damage
Water on floor after Rain or Snow
Flooring lifting and walls sagging

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Leaky or Flooded Basement?

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